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To Gain Access to Detailed Information on Stem Cell Therapy
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Due to the fact that stem cell therapy for conditions other than leukemia and a handful of other medical (mostly blood-borne) conditions, whether this involves non-manipulated or manipulated cells, is experimental those who wish to enroll as clients must read and fully understand the following statement:

The clinical or therapeutic use of (nonembryonic) adult stem cells for most non-blood borne disease and medical conditions is experimental. The treatments utilized by the Mexican clinics involved in this foreign stem cell medicine program are not approved by the US FDA and are not deemed the standard of care for any condition or disease. Like all experimental clinical programs, no guarantees can be made concerning relief, remediation or cure of any disease or medical condition. Stem cell and any other therapy will only be done after the patient or his or her legal guardian has read and agreed to informed consent. If you are accepted for treatment by this program this will not be performed in the USA or Canada but in Mexico by physicians licensed in Mexico. All medical procedures and laboratory services including stem cell processing is done in Mexico.

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To Gain Access to Detailed Information on Stem Cell Therapy